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Upcoming Meeting
  • When: 28 Jun 2015 12:00 PM
  • Location: Victory Field 501 West Maryland St, Indianapolis, IN, 46225
  • Spaces left: 147
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    Dear Members,

    Please mark your calendars.  In celebration of our 25th year, the Indiana Biomedical Society would like to invite it's members and families to an Indianapolis Indians game on June 28th at 12:00PM for a picnic with a baseball game to follow at 1:35PM.  The picnic/buffet prior to the game with feature a traditional baseball style menu with hot dogs and burgers. Vegetarian/vegan black bean burgers can be order with advanced notice.  A limit of 4 tickets per member and there will only be 150 spots available. Children 2 years and younger will be permitted into the park for free. Picnic and Game required a ticket and wristband.

    You will also need an active membership to attend.




    IBS Newsletter

    May 2015



    May 2015 the time of the year that we celebrate who and what we are. This is a time of year that we tend to enjoy the fresh rain and watch the earth transition from a dormant state of being. That’s a concept to think on for a second – Dormant! What does it mean to be dormant? Well I took a second to look it up and in the Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition is “temporarily in abeyance yet capable of being activated”. I also took the liberty of performing a Google search, the Google search produced a definition of, “adjective (of an animal) having normal physical functions suspended or slowed down for a period of time; in or as in a deep sleep.” Ex. “Dormant butterflies” better yet “hibernating bears”. Could we be operating in a state of being dormant as a profession? Several years ago we went through what some called an identity crisis. In this identity crisis we found ourselves a new name Healthcare Technology Management Professionals. I am here to say that a few years later we are still in an identity crisis. 

    So, you may ask, “Mr. Dillard how should we address this issue?” I would lend the idea that I found that of which works within Healthcare. This idea is so simple that it tends to make a person say, “I can’t believe I didn’t think of that!” Well hold your breath, the idea is “WORD OF MOUTH!” Yes! Something that simple has proven for decades to work inside of healthcare as well as outside of healthcare. The dormant state of how we are as a profession has gotten us into a bind that we are struggling to climb out of. We find ourselves being left out, or totally, off of major decisions within our organizations; we find this causing us to be under-utilized as a technology resources within our organizations; we find this leaving us more now without a structured identity within our healthcare field. When we thought we were adding structure we found ourselves in-fighting. So, what I would say is that instead of creating silos for our professionals, we need to branch out again as we did so many years ago. It would prove beneficial to our professional to get back to our grass roots and get away from the shops and the computers and get back to being very visible to our clinical folks. We need to begin reaching out to our nursing professionals who understand the value that we bring to healthcare and the healthcare delivery system. I say we enlist these champions and pillars of healthcare as an avenue of change, as an avenue of awaking to the overarching umbrella of healthcare. It’s time to wake up and activate our physical functions and speed up rather than slow down for periods of time.

    Some may say, “Mr. Dillard it cannot be that simple!” I ask that you help me understand why it isn’t that simple. When you begin to brainstorm the answer to my question you will inevitably find the reasoning behind me saying that. How does the unknown get addressed? How do you move from a state of being dormant about a topic? You will need to perform research or you go and speak with someone who knows better! When you seek out that knowledge to rid yourself of the unknown you will find that you want to reach out and speak to others and share your information. In this simple form you are transferring knowledge of the known to clear the unknown of others, in essence helping them move from a dormant state of thinking when it comes to Clinical Engineering as a profession. Being empathetic that a person is in the mindset that you yourself once had allows you to be able to translate to them in a better manner that helps them gauge the importance of knowing what once their greatest tools, or resources, in healthcare can be and how to better utilize us.

    What’s in a name?! What does it mean to be proactive and not be reactive? What does it mean to put your best foot forward? How, and when, did putting the bottom line ahead of what’s right for our organizations and our families become the norm? There’s always a choice to do what’s right and a choice to do what you must in order to sustain. However, even though we do have tough decisions, we need to understand that Clinical Engineering, Healthcare Technology Management, or whatever your department is called is a key and vital cog in the healthcare delivery system.

    The mindset of one tends to only go as far as those that have a shared need.

     Demetrius Dillard, MBA, CBET                                    






    Vice President

    May Newsletter

    Time is flying by and it’s already May.  Some of you may have missed it but we had a tremendous quarterly meeting in March at MediSurg.  John Weymouth presented an outstanding lecture on the eyes anatomy and the surgical equipment used for its repair.  We were also treated to a catered lunch from Yats.  A big thank you goes out to John and his team at MediSurg.  I would like to thank all the members who were able to attend.  We had a strong student presence from Brown Mackie, ISO’s like Crothall and TriMedx were in attendance and we had some in-house members as well. 

    Since it is May we have another meeting scheduled for May 9th at 10:00am.  This meeting is at Brown Mackie in Fort Wayne.  Philips will be presenting brief overview of their new Health Tech strategy and products.  Then present their new central station –PIC iX and its features to the IBS members.  Members can enter through the main entrance the center of the building.  Directions to meeting room 250 on the second floor will be posted. The building opens at 9:00am.  If you would like to register for the event you can follow this link: http://indianabiomedical.wildapricot.org/page-1858107 . 

    Also please mark your calendars.  In celebration of our 25th year, the Indiana Biomedical Society would like to invite its members and families to an Indianapolis Indians game on June 28th at 13:35.  A picnic/buffet will be available prior to the game.  There is a limit of 4 tickets per member and there will only be 150 spots available.  You will also need an active membership to attend.  More details to follow.

    It has come to my attention that some of our members may not be receiving emails from the IBS member management program Wild Apricot.  If that is the case it is doubtful that they would be reading this now however if you do know of a colleague who is having this issue please have them contact me at vp@indianabiomedical.com.  We would like to get these issues resolved ASAP.  Thanks.

    Scott Jones, CBET                                                                     




    Here are the minutes from the February meeting

    -We spoke about the midyear event at French Lick resort – IT will not be happening due to the cost, we may postpone it until June of 2016

    - We spoke about a webmaster, David Thrasher voted to hire one, George seconded that motion

    -We want to start a new section on the web site for vendors where they can showcase their products and services        

    -Financial report was given  

    -Discussed options for may meeting , location/ vendor

    -Discussed midyear event- Family event

    -Spoke about Biomed week for this year. Possible certificate from the city of Indianapolis

    -Spoke about IBS Conference planning committee e mail Scott Jones if you would like to be a part of it

    If anyone has any question or concerns feel free to e mail me at :


    Thank you once again and I hope to serve you as best as I can in this upcoming year .

    Phil Della Fave



    Upcoming Events

    Meeting Announcement

    May 9th 2015 10:00am

    Dear Members,

    Please join us as Philips Healthcare will give a brief overview of their new Health Tech strategy and products. They will also present their new Central Station-PIC iX and its features and functionality.  The meeting will be held at: 
    Brown Mackie  3000 Coliseum Blvd E Fort Wayne, IN 46805 

    Members can enter through the main entrance at the center of the building.  Directions to the meeting room will be posted once inside.  The meeting will be conducted in room 250 on the second floor.  The building will be opened at 9:00 am
    Members can register for the event using this link:


    If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

    Scott Jones
    2015 IBS Vice President

    Vendor Partners

    Niche Focus: Eye Surgical Equipment Founded: 2004 Indiana Number of employees: 4 Full time  2 part time Owner: John Weymouth  BMET (1975 Baltimore Maryland)

    MEDiSURG specializes in ophthalmology equipment.  We purchase underutilized eye surgical equipment and refurbish it for sale or rental.  We also conduct field service on the Phaco and Vitret systems located in hospitals and surgery centers. 

    MEDiSURG carries parts in stock for all of the ALCON systems and the AMO Sovereign, 
    AMO SIGNATURE, AMO COMPACT, the B&L MILLENIUM, B&L STELLARIS and full refurbishing on ALL the major brands of phaco and frag handpieces. We purchase broken phaco and fragmentation handpieces. 

    B.E.S.T. Training (Biomedical Engineer Service Technician)
    We started a service school 2 years ago with full service training on the ALCON INFINITI 
    phaco system.  We now have a service school that conducts classes for PM and Full Service 
    in Indianapolis and Phoenix Arizona on the ALCON LEGACY, ALCON INFINITI, 
    ALCON ACCURUS, ALCON CONSTELLATION and the ALCON PurePoint eye laser. 
    Newer systems will be added in the near future.

    Additional services

    1. Handpiece refurbishing for all Brands Phaco and Frag units.
    2. Service school on the ALCON systems for PM and full service.
    3. Fair Market Valuations of assets to sell, purchase or bank loans. 
    4. Field Service on all phaco and vitrectomy systems.
    5. Technical support and surgical troubleshooting. 
    6. Buy - Sell - Loaners of surgical Phaco or laser equipment.
    7. Parts Sales for ALCON, B&L and ABBOTT phaco/vit units.

    We also are authorized with GSA, under as an approved GSA contractor, for service contracts on the ALCON INFINITI, ALCON CONSTELLATION and PUREPOINT Laser.

    6890 Hawthorn Park Drive
    Indianapolis, IN  46220
    855.233.4050 toll free 317.663.3158 office  317.536.2276 fax



    SmedleyUSA is a Biomedical Sales and Service Company located in Northern Kentucky.  At SmedleyUSA our mission is to provide help.  Help to identify equipment issues and find low cost solutions, manage assets, service equipment and ultimately help to put money back in the pockets of our clients.  We strive to develop partnerships and build long lasting relationships built on trust and integrity. 

    SmedleyUSA is owned and operated by Randy Smedley.  Randy has worked in the Biomedical Service industry for more than forty years.  Eleven years of which were in the Clinical Engineering Department at Methodist Hospital and the remainder as a Director of Clinical Engineering in a large Kentucky hospital.  He has extensive experience and knowledge of medical equipment and the industry.

    We are constantly broadening our horizons and coming up with new ways to fuel our mission.  We just recently developed a new asset management disposition program called MediConsign; which focuses on the sale of medical equipment, which will bring maximum profit of used assets to our clients.  We remove, clean, calibrate and/or refurbish our client’s medical equipment and sell on consignment for our client to end users.  Our consignment approach has seen a documented increase in the amount obtained for our client’s medical equipment; typically an additional 25-40% over other disposition options.  Our approach also eliminates fees and payment delays.  We work directly with our clients to maximize their assets.  We have found great success with our program and would like to share that success.  We would love the opportunity to share more about our company, programs and partnerships.  For more information about SmedleyUSA please visit www.smedleyusa.com, call 859-240-4061 or send an email to hannah@smedleyusa.com.  


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