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Upcoming Meeting

IBS March Meeting
March 21st 2015

March 21st 2015 9:00am

Anyone who wants to attend the meeting to please register here:


MEDiSURG needs an accurate count of attendees for food and certificates of completion for training.

Meeting will start at 9:00 am with a continental breakfast provided by MEDiSURG and concluding with lunch.

Depending on the number of members who register MEDiSURG will:

Be demonstrating the PM on an ALCON ACCURUS using the BC DPM with Analog out and the iPad Oscilloscope.   

Presenting the anatomy and physiology section of the eye training to give a good foundation for the terminology and the environment that the systems are used in.

MEDiSURG will issue a copy of the workbook for the A&P and pumps section.  If IBS members complete the program, they do not have to do it again if they take any of the full service or PM courses that we offer

MEDiSURG will issue a nice certificate of completion of the anatomy course, suitable for framing.  

MEDiSURG door prize will be free participation in an Alcon Infiniti PM Program Class valued at $5,000.00. Only IBS associate members and above who are active and have paid their membership fees will be eligible for the prize.

6890 Hawthorn Park Drive
Indianapolis, IN  46220
855.233.4050 toll free

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Scott Jones
2015 IBS Vice President


CMS Reverses Course on Maintenance Activities
Read the Memo Here


IBS Newsletter

February 2015



Thank you all for the great showing of support yet again for not only the IBS but for the profession. I would also like to thank our board members and trustees for their continued support and dedication. As we move forward, I would suggest and encourage everyone to forward their comments and suggestions as to how we could possibly make improvements to the vendors and overall aspect of the conference. Any suggestions we get will only allow for us to help improve upon your experience at the conference in the future. As we move forward into our 25th year as a Professional Society it is our hope to continue to be an avenue to provide resources, educational opportunities, and ways to speak with vendors and fellow colleagues to get answers to specific questions and see new equipment that can make your everyday work flow smoother. So, you can expect that the member’s only section on the website will be filled with educational and professional resources in the near future.

I would like to tell you a little story. One day while driving home Michael witnessed a young man lying face down on the side of the road. At first glance it appeared that this young man was dead. (WOW-I KNOW) But something told Michael to stop and NOT to just drive pass this young man but to pull over and check to see if this young man was in need of help. Upon stopping Michael yelled out to this young man to see if he was responsive rather than falling for some prank or ploy to harm him. After hearing someone’s voice the young man began to move, rather an attempt to crawl. Michael instantly sprang into action to check this young man to see if he needed any lifesaving medical attention, by now other cars have stopped and other noble individuals are starting to help Michael with his efforts to help this young man. When the EMTs arrived they advised that the young man is lucky that Michael and others stopped when they did or the young man could’ve died as he went into a diabetic shock.

The point to this story is this incident many different decisions could have been chosen. Michael, and others, just as well could’ve kept riding pass and not stopped when they did. This situation shows how good another person’s heart can be when it comes to their fellow men/women. This same philosophy can be moved forward into our profession and how we assist students and other professionals.

We are an ever-changing profession with each day a new device becomes smaller, networked, or disposable.  I want you to be thinking about what makes you who you are as a professional. If you are approached with an issue, what is your thought process? When you were going through school and wondering where and how you would gain employment post-graduation think of those that are going through that now and how you can help them either by allowing them in for a job shadow or a phone call to give encouragement.

The mindset of one tends to only go as far as those that have a shared need.

 Demetrius Dillard, MBA, CBET                                    






Vice President


Fellow members, I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself as the Vice President of the Indiana Biomedical Society.  My name is Scott Jones and I currently work as an Ultrasound Product Engineer for Axess Ultrasound.  I received my degree from Ivy Tech and began my career in Jackson, Michigan working at Foote Health System as a Biomed I. After that I was lucky enough to be offered a job at Community Health Network in Indianapolis.  At Community I was able to learn from some of the best Biomeds in the industry, become certified and found a niche in the diagnostic Ultrasound service world. From Community I went to Axess and I have been there ever since.  At Axess I provide multi-vendor diagnostic Ultrasound sales and service for most of the Midwest.  Last year I served on the IBS board as Secretary and I hope to make a greater impact this year.


First and foremost I would like to thank all the vendors and IBS members who were able to participate at our annual conference.  Binseng Wang was the keynote speaker whom we were very lucky to have.  He is a tremendous advocate for the biomedical profession and I would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for his participation.  Also special thanks go out to MD Publishing for sponsoring the Professional of the Year Award and Spectrum Technologies for sponsoring the break stations.  Also I can’t forget to say thanks to all the members who worked behind the scenes to help setup the conference.  The next meeting is March 21stat MEDiSURG in Indianapolis.  There will be plenty of details coming up about the March meeting so make sure you keep an eye on your emails. 

Scott Jones, CBET









Greetings Indiana Biomedical Society,

I want to thank you for my recent appointment as Treasurer. I have been an IBS member for many years and look forward serving as a member of the IBS board of directors. I have spent most of my career in the healthcare technology management field starting out as a technician and for the last several years as a manager. I am currently the Director of Biomedical Engineering at Eskenazi Health. I am also active in other professional societies and hope this experience brings additional value to my role in the IBS. I place a high value on education and professional development. IBS was an important avenue for education and networking early in my career and I continue to enjoy the benefits of membership as well as the sharing of knowledge at the annual conference. Again, I want to thank you for this opportunity to serve the membership of the Indiana Biomedical Society.


Matt Royal, CHFM, CBET









Hello, Let me start off by introducing myself, my name is Philip A. Della Fave and Thank You once again for electing me as the Secretary of the Indiana Biomed Society.

A little bit about myself, I am currently a Radiology Imaging Engineer at St. Vincent hospital here in Indianapolis. I have been there for 8 years now and have moved up from a Biomed position in 2009. Like most of our members I know what it’s like to be in this environment on a daily basis so I feel I can bring that experience to the IBS and apply it here. One of my most proud achievements was winning the Tarvin award at St. Vincent a few years ago. Basically it is an award to congratulate you on the job well done in the hospital as well as with the customers we serve every day , it is the most prestigious award one can get in our Biomed shop since it is given in honor of the person who started the biomed program at St. Vincent hospital,  James Tarvin.

 It is my priviledge and honor to be serving this year on the IBS board. My duties include helping out where I can with a lot of the administrative tasks that need to be done here, as well as posting numerous events and updates for all of our board member.  My goals for this year are simple really, to support the members of the IBS board as well as to bring any ideas I can to the members to help them in any way possible to help advance your careers and professional lives. I will also be bringing you the news of the mid-year conference as that is set up and confirmed.

If anyone has any question or concerns feel free to e mail me at :


Thank you once again and I hope to serve you as best as I can in this upcoming year .

Phil Della Fave



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Upcoming Events

IBS March Meeting 




March 21st 2015



Niche Focus: Eye Surgical Equipment

Founded: 2004 Indiana

Number of employees: 4 Full time  2 part time

Owner: John Weymouth  BMET (1975 Baltimore Maryland)

MEDiSURG specializes in ophthalmology equipment.  We purchase underutilized eye surgical equipment and refurbish it for sale or rental.  We also conduct field service on the Phaco and Vitret systems located in hospitals and surgery centers. 

MEDiSURG carries parts in stock for all of the ALCON systems and the AMO Sovereign, 
AMO SIGNATURE, AMO COMPACT, the B&L MILLENIUM, B&L STELLARIS and full refurbishing on ALL the major brands of phaco and frag handpieces. We purchase broken phaco and fragmentation handpieces. 

B.E.S.T. Training (Biomedical Engineer Service Technician)
We started a service school 2 years ago with full service training on the ALCON INFINITI 
phaco system.  We now have a service school that conducts classes for PM and Full Service 
in Indianapolis and Phoenix Arizona on the ALCON LEGACY, ALCON INFINITI, 
Newer systems will be added in the near future.

Additional services

1.     Handpiece refurbishing for all Brands Phaco and Frag units.

2.     Service school on the ALCON systems for PM and full service.

3.     Fair Market Valuations of assets to sell, purchase or bank loans. 

4.     Field Service on all phaco and vitrectomy systems.

5.     Technical support and surgical troubleshooting. 

6.     Buy - Sell - Loaners of surgical Phaco or laser equipment.

7.     Parts Sales for ALCON, B&L and ABBOTT phaco/vit units.

We also are authorized with GSA, under as an approved GSA contractor, for service contracts on the ALCON INFINITI, ALCON CONSTELLATION and PUREPOINT Laser.

6890 Hawthorn Park Drive
Indianapolis, IN  46220
855.233.4050 toll free

317.663.3158 office 

317.536.2276 fax


Update on upcoming events

Mid-year at French lick has been postponed until June of 2016 as per The IBS President. Details to follow


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